A place where my dreams and visions come true - A place with no limits

Life is like a canvas...

It begins blank.  Everyday is another brush stroke.

You are the artist.  Create your master piece

I love the quote by Danny Kaye , “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”  Who are we, why are we here, how can we live our lives to the fullest and become a beautiful masterpiece.  It has taken me a long time and years of self discovery to finally feel free enough to do what I have always dreamed of, I have always wanted to combine my love of art and my love of photography - to create my own UNIQUE PORTRAIT ART.  I am an creative thinker, who strives to capture beautiful images.  With a passion for light, movement, shapes and symbols I want to capture beautiful photographs.  I wish to photograph things that move me, things that push me to new limits, I love to push my creativity, my learning and experience of life.  I want people to express themselves through me and the images I capture for them. 

I want to teach the art of letting go and just enjoying the moment, loving yourself no matter who you are.  I love how photographing in different styles creates different emotions, creative editing techniques at strength and beauty to images.  I love experimenting with light and searching for beauty and life through it.  Break the rules and do whats in your heart!

Where I create - there I am free

The White square is for me is my place where I freely create whatever my hearts desire is.  It could be a painting, a backdrop, a photoshoot - anything - I want it do be...

It is no secret that I am crazy in love with art and anything that is artistic and authentic and beautiful, I love natural tones and textures and pretty things.  Inside the white square I do not look at anyone else but you, and I create a memory of you for you that is raw with emotion, beautiful and can be called art!

The White Square is a place where I find your magic and my own.  an intuitive place that is peaceful and free.  I have portable studio that goes anywhere I want it to go, the forest, the beach or your back yard.  Hand painted backdrops that are my own art.  Classic clothing, simple dresses, crowns of glory, you are photographed while glowing in the heavenly light of the day. Your images are evidence of your strength, courage and fierce warrior hearts. 

White Square sessions for individuals are usually around 90 - 2 hours minutes and held at natural locations around the sunshine coast, or better yet - host are party in your own back yard.  Better yet, team up with a friend or two and make it an experience!

To find out more contact me.