I’m Nikki ! I’m a South African born artist turned photographer and educator. I currently reside on the beautiful east coast of Australia with my husband and two gorgeous girls. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and the way I see the world with other creatives.

That is what I hope to leave behind…

Be your own ART.

Life is beautiful, it is precious  and meaningful.  It is full of symbols, emotional treasures, laughter, sincerity, hope, joy, sadness - I now see these symbols everywhere I look - I see them in the dark shadows, I see them in the light, I them in shapes and lines I see it in your eyes and face.  I wish to explore all these element in our images. Every day we evolve, we change, and yesterday becomes a memory.  But photographs have this incredible ability to preserve the past - is that not simply the most magical thing?  You can freeze a can tell a story, you can create documents of raw emotion - it is this incredible tool in my hands, that conveys these messages and has the ability to create emotions long after the moment has past. As the years go by, you will look back on your life moments with tears of joy, sadness, sorrow, laughter, and the satisfaction that you created these memories for your children, this is your legacy.