If you have taken the time to stop and look at my website, I want to say thank you. 

Capturing and creating images for myself, my family and others brings me great joy, pleasure and purpose. For me, photography has taken me on an amazing journey and personal transformation.  It has taken me places, emotionally, I never thought I would go to.  Spending years developing my craft and exploring many styles of portrait photography, I have emerged myself into creating the "perfect image"  But where it has taken me is entirely different to what I expected.  There is no such thing as the perfect picture - because for every person perfection is different,and every person is unique and perfect in themselves - they just have to believe it. There is magic our every day lives, you only need to find it.  As I look back on images of my children, there is no image I do not treasure- they all hold the magic of a particular moment, emotion or expression or beauty. I use my camera for personal self expression and I use to create memories.

Your life is your art. 

Life is beautiful, it is precious  and meaningful.  It is full of symbols, emotional treasures, laughter, sincerity, hope, joy, sadness - I now see these symbols everywhere I look - I see them in the dark shadows, I see them in the light, I them in shapes and lines I see it in your eyes and face.  I wish to explore all these element in our images. Every day we evolve, we change, and yesterday becomes a memory.  But photographs have this incredible ability to preserve the past - is that not simply the most magical thing?  You can freeze a moment....you can tell a story, you can create documents of raw emotion - it is this incredible tool in my hands, that conveys these messages and has the ability to create emotions long after the moment has past. As the years go by, you will look back on your life moments with tears of joy, sadness, sorrow, laughter, and the satisfaction that you created these memories for your children, this is your legacy.

I am a deeply soulful, spiritual and creative person.  I cherish the opportunity to authentically and beautifully capture other living souls doing what they love to do, being authentic to their inner selves and showing their true inner person in the best way I know how.

I am an creative thinker, who strives to capture beautiful images.  With a passion for light, movement, shapes and symbols I want to capture beautiful photographs.  I wish to photograph things that move me, things that inspire me.  I like to push myself to new limits, I love to push my creativity, my learning in photography and art and in the experience of life. 

Everyone is an artist, you have to believe in yourself and find what moves you, find what makes you feel alive - some spend a lifetime searching, while others just know.  For me it has taken time - to develop my skills and to know what I really want.