"Pretty in Pink" FREE lightroom preset

I shoot at different locations all the time, depending on my clients and their needs. I have learnt to adapt to most lighting conditions, and I have learnt to create and develop my own presets.  Lightroom is a fabulous program to create a wonderful base image to work with in photoshop.  This is my "Pretty in Pink" preset, designed with a soft pink undertone to add a really girly look.  Creating storybooks allows me to adapt my creative influence on the images, thus adding to the overall look and feel of the story.   

Here is an example of my before and after...It was a very overcast day, on loocation using natural light.  I kept my white balance on cloudy and shot in full manual mode.  Lightroom saved the day!

Feel Free to click and download "Pretty in Pink" and feel free to comment on this lovely little preset.