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Follow your heart – do what you love.

“Life changes so fast.”

With age, comes wisdom, yes, and I still have so much to learn! And teach! But also the realization that things are impermanent. I’ve spent the past months grappling with this idea or more specifically, why do I do what I do, and what I want out of it!  How can I serve others and serve myself on this journey of life and creativity!

This question led me to dig a little deeper and question not only my role, but also the role of creativity and art in my life. Why do I make the choices I make? How can I make an impact? What is the role of art and photography in a world that moves so quickly? And then I found myself asking myself this question: Why is photography so important to me?

And so I’ve thought about it allot and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Photography is important because it slows down the pace of life and freezes time, it creates a legacy. It is therapy for the soul, it has helped me personally deal with many childhood issues and belonging.  Photography is a mirror of my inner self.

  • Photography is important because it tells a story. YOUR story. MY story. or OUR story.

  • Photography is important because it helps us find the beauty in our everyday lives, the beauty in the over-looked and under-appreciated, the beauty in little things, from the curls of hair, crinkled squishy faces to the wrinkles and sags and gray hairs of the ones we love, the beauty that reflects ourselves.

  • Photography is important because it holds a mirror and reflects a part of ourselves, sometimes we wish to share and other times of what is deeply personal.

  • Photography is important because it helps us remember our loved ones, honor them and cherish them.

I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a photographer. I absolutely love my job and am so privileged to have been able to document precious moments between some pretty incredible people. How cool is it that my job is to find beauty and capture a part of your soul that makes you sing? Maybe that’s what I’ll tell people the next time they ask me what I do for a living. From the love of your life to the precious child in your arms, dancing in the light or singing in the rain....these are the things that reflect our innermost being!

"I’m a beauty finder, I capture a reflection that feeds your soul today, tomorrow or forever more!."

I’ve shared the reasons why I love photography and why I think it’s important. Now, I’d love to know why it’s important to you. What makes you stare at one photo longer than another? What speaks to you? What catches your eye, catches your breath, or maybe more importantly, what catches your heart? I'm beginning a slice of life feed every Tuesday - where I will share something personal and a little slice of my own life!