Lifestyle Mommy and Baby Session | Sunshine Coast Photographer

I met this lovely lady a few months ago when her baby was 6 months old.  We were able to capture some amazing memories then, and we did now when he turned 1 year!  Capturing memories of your children growing up is a wonderful thing to do - prints that hang on the wall for the world to see your love and commitment to your child.  

Beautiful session at Noosa beach!

Enjoy them while they are young....

Together Session | Sunshine Coast Family photographer - Nikki Olivier

It was the perfect afternoon; the sun was shining, and hardly a breath of wind.  A light rustle of the tress in the background.  The gorgeous Palmwoods area and breathtaking open spaces was my backdrop for this gorgeous mother and children together session.  I had the pleasure of photographing Corlina of Pieces of Heaven photography and her gorgeous little girls.

Family is a little word created by love....



An Ocean of memories.

This beautiful family, made photography story telling so easy.  Children need the freedom to laugh, play, get dirty, and get silly, and in between all of this, it is my job to capture the delicate expressions....the magic of in the moments.  The evening was beautiful, and the tones are colours were incredible.  Thank you for a beautiful session.

"The love in your family flows strong and deep, leaving you memories to treasure and keep."


During the Spring holidays, myself and my children travelled back to NSW to visit friends.  Mudgee is always a beautiful place, with little nestled spots all over.  Across the road at the nearby park was a perfect little area to capture some images for mum and dad.  3 Beautiful children any parent would be proud of.

"My greatest blessings call me mom."

I found a forest treasure.

When I was little, I always dreamed of being a fairy - for some, that is silly, or childs play.  But let me tell you all little girls dream of beauty, fairies, being a princess - its what they were born to do.  So as an adult - I love to play with that idea in mind, through my lens - and a touch of magic - I create a little bit of fantasy for these girls.

"Spread your wings, and let the fairy in you fly."