The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is of a scale most people alive today have never seen. Lockdowns and curfews to contain the spread of the virus impacted the way our children learn, the way their families earn a living, and how safe they feel in their homes and communities. Despite the ongoing threat, countries around the world are starting to lift restrictions. (for now)  Australia seems like a safe haven, but we never know what might happen tomorrow. As we question whether we will ever go back to what we once knew to be “normal”, it’s worth taken a step back to see how we can build on what we have learned, and build back a better world for children.

We are truly blessed living in a warm climate and in Australia where we still are all doing pretty well. I have family in South Africa and in the US, and they are really struggling with the covid pandemic, as it is impacting more people we love and care for.

As we enter 2021 very uncertain of the year ahead we are all doing our best to keep ourselves busy.  We are certainly hoping that lockdown does not happen again.  We have had a taste of what it was like, and some thrived but there were many struggles.  Many families experienced the worst of it, and were/ are deeply impacted. 

“It is true – this crisis has taken its toll on humanity. However, it also provided an opportunity for generations to unite and perhaps begun to shape our younger generations to think differently about their own individual roles and how we as individuals can all contribute in our own way to find a solution to collective problems,” says Tomislav.

Here Are A Few Personal Lessons I Learned…So Far

Do things now, as I just don’t know what the future, or even tomorrow, will bring; live in the moment.

  1. I have learned I have an inner strength, creativity, and ambition bursting out of me, I missed the individuals and families I get to meet and hug and photograph!
  2. I am a people person and the quarantine was difficult for me, being with my children was a great benefit, I learned to appreciate what I have. Taking time to reflect and “find” my inner voice was important to me, I learned to enjoy my own company and realized I have a voice and emotions and so much I still wish to do and share with the world!
  3. I have learned to see my children in a different light – their strengths, creativity, and tenacity in working, having children at home and homeschooling was challenging, where one thrived, another struggled, their personality traits, their strengths, and weaknesses became more apparent.
  4. I am living through history, with my husband and children. This crisis has brought out so many good things; more empathy, more awareness, maybe more inner strength during challenging times. Certainly more creativity in humanity as we search for ways to self-express.
  5. I had the pleasure and opportunity to photograph the lovely Aurora, a young, brave young girl, and her view of the crisis lockdown.   Published article for Katwalk for kids magazine.


Stay safe, and be blessed

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