Photographers have been inspired by the ordinary since the dawn of photography. It’s easy to get drawn into the “bigger is better” race to find the most epic view or the most exotic destination but why not try staying close to home: can you either make the ordinary extraordinary or enjoy the banal and the overlooked? Our everyday lives seem boring, but, its actually the opposite - if we appreciate and find life and excitement in the everyday mundane and we will appreciate life more. I used to thing my images were boring and meaningless - yet now as I look back - they are an untold story of a life full of normality and growing up - an era documented and kept for future generations. Any at the time - I believe they were boring and meaningless as I was pursuing my own journey of creativity and art. Now I look back and I learned so much during this time - I learned how to see light, capture the mundane and make it into art!!

Extraordinary - thats what life it!!

Find those moments in everyday life, of dirt, boredom, piles of leaves, the dinners, the car washing, the bedtime stories. How can you make them extraordinary? You actually do not need to - because they are already extra ordinary - in the moment they are trivial and borning - but looking back - they are magical and are more than a treasure than you know.

Learn to see light

Find an unusual angle.

convert it to black and white for a timeless look and feel

Treat your findings as if they are a still life.

Tell your life's story in images...

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver.

I imagine you have read that quote or maybe even been inspired by it. However, after reading it – did anything change in your life? Did it inspire you to take a step toward your dreams? I have so much I still wish to accomplish, so many dreams and so many visions. My life is too short..I will hold onto every memory I can, as long as my mind and body can!