“You don’t make a photograph just with the camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” Ansel Adams

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Feeling comfortable with you camera and equipment takes time, patience and practice. We are here to encourage you on you amazing journey of self expression and feeling confidante with you camera. I have created amazing blog posts to help you on your own creative journey.

If you prefer learning in person - I offer creative, fun, workshops on the Sunshine Coast! Join our community today!

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Mastering photography is a wonderful way to represent yourself to the world.  It is a glorious way to show who you are in a creative and and visual way.  But it is not as easy as they make it out to be.  I takes a lot of practice and dedication.

I am hear to support you and share the tools that will make this process easier.


Camera Basics for the New Photographer

This 5 hour introduction class (with a tea break and practical), is the perfect place to start with you new DSLR camera. We will cover how to achieve proper exposure in different settings, composition, and lighting.

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Without light, there is no photograph. A photographer who has the ability to see, and control, light is one who has mastered the principal tool of the art and science of photographic imagery. 

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This photography course will help you increase your skills in photography lighting styling, visual storytelling and editing. You’ll learn exactly how to develop your personal style, edit beautiful photos and grow your creativity in photography.


Online Photography Course

Focusing on Creativity, Styling & Editing Beautiful Pictures


The Art of Light! 

Free Lighting Mini class!!

“It is the photography of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extraordinary photographs” David Young

TO Capture Beautiful Images Every Time, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND LIGHT!

In this free guide, I'll teach you how to use various lighting scenarios to to capture BEAUTIFUL images of the things you love!

(psst... with equipment you already have!)

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