Lifestyle Photography, I want nothing more than to see the beautiful, real you through my lens. I want to capture beautiful candid & artistic images that tell your story, that create a narrative of who you are, what you feel and freeze in time the emotion of that moment, the memory, the love, so that when you or your tribe look at these images in five, ten or fifty years from now it can take you all back in time to those exact moments & feelings. I want to evoke a punch of nostalgia and so much more than just “stand and smile” “cheese” pictures.

In Home

In home sessions, fun, cosy & super candid! If you’re home bodies and love your space then this format is ideal. It works all year round and in any weather so this is also a plus! Your home is usually the best reflection of your personality and vibe so it’s a great place to really capture you and the genuine essence of your family dynamic. Generally speaking I don’t need a whole lot to work with here, one great window can go a long way! But typically I would work with the master bedroom, living area & nursery if applicable. Every home is different so I’ll work with the spaces that offer a combination of best light and space and sometimes a kitchen or bathroom or unexpected space will jump out to my photographic eye as offering a great opportunity. In home sessions usually offer a very fly on the wall perspective, so I encourage clients to consider some easy activities to enjoy / document during their session: feeding, bath time, cookie baking, bed jumping, twister – I’m so down for this – lets brainstorm ideas during your planning phase to get the most FUN out of your session. All I ask clients to do to prepare is open all their curtains/blinds and remove any unnecessary clutter. Lived in is good, random/un-necessary clutter is not so good a quick tidy is all that’s necessary, I don’t expect hospital clean. These sessions are held week days during the day.


Ok, the most common thing Im asked for is greener than green local park. Sorry but we can do SO much better than that, we live in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, so lets think a little bigger. I hunt WIDE scenic spaces. Unless we are shooting an urban location, I look for natural outdoor spaces that are wide and uninterrupted by traffic, houses & jungle gyms. I can suggest a range of locations with different feels, colour tones and “activity options”. Your location and backdrop will impact your session look significantly, so I always discuss with clients their decor colour schemes at home, Im pretty sure someone with asuper white neutral home possibly wont wantsgiant green canvases adorning their walls?! Some locations are on our door step and some further ‘afield’ (you see what I did there! – total Mum joke) anyway – it’s worth the drive and I’m game if you are. After all it may not be every year you get around to organising portraits that will last a lifetime so lets make it count! Im also always open to suggestions so lets brainstorm this further if you’re keen!

Family Lifestyle Sessions

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Styled Lifestyle Sessions for children



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