My thoughts about photographing newborns | Nikki Olivier Photography

My thoughts about photographing newborns | Nikki Olivier Photography

If you’re expecting a new baby and embark on a Google search or social media crawl of local photographers, you’ll see, there’s quite a few different styles of newborn photography available to you. Let me preface this by saying, each style is beautiful and has it’s merits, and let’s face it, no one can resist getting a bit googly eyed at a brand new baby posed and perfected in the Anne Geddes style. When I started my photography journey I spent much of my time posing babies, and buying expensive props - it seemed the right thing to do! However as the years have gone by, my mood and style for photographing babies has changed. When I look back - even with my own children, I long to see the memories that made them - the environment we came from, the love we felt and shared. Showing your children who they are and where they come from is important to their development and understanding of this world.

From Auto to Manual – Unleash your personal creativity!!!

From Auto to Manual – Unleash your personal creativity!!!

Shooting in manual mode quite simply gives you more control over your environment and the light that is let into your camera. If your subject is moving really fast, you can adjust the shutter speed so that you are able to freeze their motion in place. Or maybe you want there to be some blur in the photo to show the movement of the subject (for example, the flow of a waterfall).  There are many reasons why you would want to manipulate the lighting in a photo and manual mode allows you to do that.

Beginner´s Guide To Digital Photography Equipment


Beginner´s Guide To Digital Photography Equipment

Here is a guide about what gear to invest in and the most fundamental tips for kick-starting your new hobby.

Best Digital Cameras For Beginner´s:

Do not think for a moment that the fancier your equipment is the better your photography. It’s like golf: winning is all about the golfer, not the club. You can shoot great pictures with any camera, even a toy camera or your iPhone. What matters most is the passion and creativity that a photographer brings to a shoot. My personal motto is: never put gear before creativity. Which is also a great way to save money. I recommend:


Canon EOS 1200D (or Rebel T6): Cheapest Canon – Price with kit lens: about AUS$499

Other great models in the beginner-orientated price-range are: Canon EOS 100D, 70D, 600D or 60D. In the majority of cases the cameras themselves are identical – only the nameplate on the front is different. But there are a few minor differences here and there.

Note that Canon introduced their current numeric system – smaller numbers = more expensive cameras.

Other good brands are Sony (Model Alpha A77 II), Nikon (Model D3300 + Model D5200)


Best Digital Cameras For Advanced Enthusiasts & Pro Photographers:

What´s the difference between the beginner-orientated price-range cameras and the more expensive once in the advanced/pro category? It may be many small details, but the main differences are ISO + focus points.

ISO determines how sensitive the image sensor is to light. The more expensive cameras have a high ISO and because of that it will perform much better in low light conditions. Their autofocus systems are extremely rapid and are more accurate than those of lesser cameras.

Cameras in the higher price-range also tends to have more focus points to choose between which basically means you can be very selective with where you place your focus (which will be the sharpest area in the photo).

Another important difference is that the expensive camera often are a full-frame camera. The cheaper models are called crop cameras. The difference between the two is this: when you look into the cameras viewfinder you will see much more of the scenery in the frame than with a crop-camera.

This might not matter for some people, but if you often work in small spaces a full-frame camera can be your best friend. I recommend:

Canon EOS Mark 6D, EOS 7D Mark II,  or EOS Mark 5D IV.

Another good choice is Nikon D750 + Nikon D810


Choosing The Best Lens

There are so many different lenses on the market. Each one of them serves a specific purpose, depending on what you are photographing. If you are not careful, you can quickly end up spending a bunch of money on lenses. In reality, the truth is, that you can manage with one lens (more or less).

That lens is the 50mm. I recommend it to all my students. It´s perfect for beginners who need a little help creating those beautiful images but also perfect for the advanced photographer who needs a workhorse of a lens.

The 50mm lenses come in different price levels and qualities. The best choice is the 50mm f/1.4. It cost about $345 which is cheap for a good quality lens, and you can use it for food, flowers, interior, travel, kids, portraits, newborn and landscape.

Another great thing about this lens is that it´s small and lightweight and, therefore, perfect for traveling.

The 50mm f/1.4 has a big brother, the 50mm f/1.2. It´s a lot more expensive, but you will not see much difference in the image quality + it´s very heavy. The 50mm f/1.4 also has a little sister; the 50mm f/1.8 which is a lower quality but great if you are on a budget. It’s perfect for teenagers, bloggers and beginners who want just the basic equipment – but still wants to be able to capture creative + bright images.

You can´t zoom with the 50mm because it´s a prime lens and it has no zoom function. You have to zoom with your feet, but you will get super sharp images with a clear focus and a delicious soft background.

Below you see the 50mm family from Canon, but all camera brands make at least one 50mm.


Other great lenses that I love are:

  • The 85mm for portraits.

  • The 90mm for macro and food.

  • The 30mm and 40mm for interior.

Helpful Tools For Photographers (Must-Haves)


  • A Camera that you will actually USE, which it not necessarily the most expensive one.

  • At least one good lens. I recommend the 50mm f/1.4 as the best all-round lens.

  • A good quality memory card.

  • A computer, which is regularly updated + cleaned from un-used programs and files.

  • An external hard disk to store files and photos on (you don´t want them to slow down your computer).

  • Good light.

  • White cardboards or a reflector to open up shadows.

Helpful Tools For Photographers (Nice-to-Have)

Other helpful things:

  • A secure camera bag for easy travel with your camera.

  • Extra batteries for the camera.

  • Extra Memory Cards.

  • Filters for the lens. Helps to block highlights and reflections out.

  • Different surfaces and backgrounds for photographing still life/people.

  • Props for styling

  • White curtains to cover the window if the sun is to harsh

  • A tripod (I like Manfrotto).


Editing Software For Photographers

Today most photographers use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit their images. I do most of my “clean” editing in Lightroom, and add the creative element and skin retouching in photoshop.

Via Adobes Online Editing Service you can get a membership that gives you access to both programs. You pay a monthly fee to join and you connect the membership with more that one computer.

You can test both Lightroom and Photoshop for free here

In my workshops I teach you how to use both Lightroom and Photoshop. My tutorials are SUPER easy to follow and understand so you can get quick + amazing results – even if you are new to the editing programs.

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My Gear and how I use it for creative vision | Nikki Olivier

My Gear and how I use it for creative vision | Nikki Olivier

I've always loved seeing what other people shoot with and use as gear. It's even more interesting the different results everyone can create from using the exact same products. Here's a quick list of everything I have in my camera bag. Camera, lenses, accessories and why I love using these specific items. 

Finding your way | Nikki Olivier photography

Finding your way | Nikki Olivier photography

This I have been struggling with for the past 2 years.  My journey as a photographer began because of my children - like many other photographers. I studied how to use my gear, learned how to find the light, practiced posing, composition, connection, styling and grew as a capable photographer.  People began asking me to shoot their families and children, and suddenly I was a photographer charging money.  however, somewhere along this road I got lost - I lost my passion and determination - I was no longer photographing my children - but other peoples children.

Outdoor family Session | Nikki Olivier Photography | Sunshine Coast

There are some families and children that simply climb into your heart. Knowing this baby girl from when she was in her mommies tummy is beautiful.  I have had the honor and privilege to photograph Robin throughout her journey with her baby. Keeping things simple in a local location we were able to creative beautiful family memories for her.  She will look back on these images with love and adoration for her parents.

I look forward to out next shoot together.

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Family Session | Sunshine Coast Portrait Photographer Nikki Olivier

Capturing and creating magical moments for families and memories for children is one of the greatest gifts we can offer as photographers.  As a child and family portrait photographer, it is always special when I get to spend time with families and watch their children grow up.

I first met Pheobe at her fresh 48 and newborn session 5 months ago...she has grown so much and being at the powerhouse in Brisbane for the afternoon was a real treat!
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Misia Mae Jewellery | Designer Spotlight | Nikki Olivier Photography

Misia Mae Jewellery

In June we were sent these incredibly beautiful statement earrings all the way from London. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how beautiful and perfect they are.

As seen in British Vogue (yes you read that correctly ), everything from the packaging to the quality and design is completely gorgeous. I love beautiful statement pieces like these earrings, I can't wait to get my hands on more of the range. Here are some beautiful words from the founder, Evelina

" I launched my brand, Misia Mae, in April 2017 with Graphic No 1 collection, which received warm welcome by customers and was noticed by British Vogue, Tatler, Your Coffee Break, and House of Coco.

The name of the brand comes after the most important women in my family, my daughter, my Mum, and my sister. The desire to design artifacts comes from deep within, always has been there, but only recently, I’ve found myself in a good place to be able to follow the dream. My designs are inspired by visual arts and urban living. I love playing with contrasts and unusual materials, like Lucite, exploring tradition for a modern proposition, to create classic, yet contemporary looks. I wanted to create a brand that would offer quality fashion accessories, which are fun and elegant for women of all ages, which make women feel pretty and fabulous, fashion accessories for extraordinary women." 

You can read more about Misia Mae at the following link.

nikki olivier photogrpahy
nikki olivier photogrpahy
nikki olivier photography
nikki olivier photography

thanks to rading my blog

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A Classic Fine Art Portrait session Sunshine Coast | Nikki Olivier Fine art Portraits

Most people already know that I have a love and fascination for fine art portraits.  Timeless images of our legacy - our children.   This is by far my favorite type of session.  I wish I could create images or every child in the world like this - images that represent their beauty in a simple, clean an classic and timeless way.

I have images of when I was young and it is the portraits that I treasure the  most.  It is the simple portrait is somehow immortal - this is what I long to create for people.....

I was honored  to create chld portraits for a very special lady.  Leigh Campbel from   Her children are talented and beautiful.  It was so special to pend the afternoon with them, see them excited and full of lie and confidence. 

Here are some of the portraits from our session together.

Feel free to contact me directly for your own portrait session.

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