What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

Sometimes life hits you hard in the face.  Life circumstances brings you to your knees making you feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness.

Setbacks, heartbreaks, stress, depression, losses, lack of passion, purpose and meaning. It´s something we can´t escape – it´s part of life!

Oh, how wonderful it would be to control our life journey, and avoid pain for ourselves and our loved ones. The hard truth: some experiences in life is out of our control.



The good news is, that what you can control is how you react. How you deal with your life circumstances are your choice and 100% in your control.

So how can you help yourself when you explore pain and frustration?

How can you minimize chaos, drama and unbearable emotions when life tests you the most?

How can you pull yourself up when you are down facing the darkness?

nikki Olivier Photography

When I feel like giving it all up - I retreat and give myself a visual voice.

Don´t Isolate Yourself – Give Your Pain A VOICE - an outlet

When I feel hurt, lonely or confused I want to isolate myself allot; I avoid people, calls and literally "hide in my cave.  (AKA - studio) "  I also know that doing so will quickly make me feel much worse since I will be alone with my thoughts and pain. So I made this rule that I´m allowed to do it for one day – one day only! Then I force myself to reach out to someone in my life that I know will care. Someone who will lift my spirits and feed my soul positively or creatively.

The key is to give your pain a voice, or some kind of outlet. If you keep all your negative thoughts and emotions to yourself, they will own you – they soon rob you of your power and bring you further down into misery.

Some people like to put words to their pain, in poetry or music. I love to create images, sometimes dark, melancholy and moody, emotional images when I feel depressed or alone. And other times I create images that are light, and full of life and beauty. For some, this may make sense, or for others, it sounds crazy – but it is vital to express yourself in any way shape or form you feel comfortable. If you lock your feelings up inside of you, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

Everyone on earth knows what emotional pain is and everyone will recognize your negative thoughts and feelings. So, in reality, you are not alone. Even if you find yourself rambling for a while embrace it – speak up and let the pain out!

I am working on some very personal, soulful work that is helping me through the darkness I feel inside...when I am ready - I will show it.

We hide behind masks, we shadow ourselves in darkness, and only show the light to whom we want to.  But when you open our soul to your divine purpose, its an awakening,  and what we are actually capable of has no limits. The only limit is our mind.

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Turn Failure Into Transformation

The positive thing about struggles is that it will change you, make you stronger and more caring about others. It develops sympathy and compassion in us.  We become better friends, parents, and partners when we have experienced pain and setbacks.

Sometimes the best gifts in life come in ugly wrapping paper. The struggles we're dealing with in the present may make us more receptive to the needs of someone else who needs us down the road.

No matter what kind of pain we are in. No matter what failure we are experiencing we can always ask ourselves this:

“What can I learn from this experience? And how can I use this knowledge to my advantage in the future?”

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We will always learn more from our setbacks, than from our success. It´s during our most challenging times we develop the most as a human being. Focus on the learning experience in the process and release all worries and negativity.

Message to self! "Next time you feel like throwing in the towel, know that you are a powerful + wonderful human being, who is able to control how you react in any circumstance in life. Be strong. Be kind. Speak up. Stand up for yourself, what you believe in and embrace the change that comes with the ups and downs in your life."

I can do it!

Much love,

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