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Personal Projects.

Personal projects are an incredible way to awaken your soul and promote creativity. When there are no rules or parameters - you have the freedom to just create - to make mistakes with no consequences.

For me - creative personal projects are my escape from reality. I don’t often share my personal work - but I have made a decision to expose all of me - the crazy - vulnerable - emotional person I am. Most of my personal project and work will be shown on @mywhite_square Much of my work is inspired by my personal life and the things I love.

My white Square is place where I share my personal life, teach creativity and live everyday…

I read a quote that said:

“ Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” #MartinLutherKingJr 

As an artist/creative soul - our minds are often in darkness, we fear more, love more and seem to feel more - our emotional state is always vulnerable. I am forever questioning my abilities or lack thereof. Am I the only one to feel this or are there others.

I wanted to create something artist with my children that symbolizes how and what I feel.

With all this in mind - I created my own stars in the darkness….

This post is Dedicated to my children…

“ you are the stars in my darkness - and I will love you forever.”

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nikkis story quotes.jpg