Personal work, my life and love as art

Taking pictures from the inside out, stretching understanding of your comfort zone, encouraging breakthroughs, therapeutic and creative projects

"It's okay to live a life others don't understand! Why? Because the greatest wealth and gift in life is allowing yourself to be free to do or create our hearts desire -  and whatever that looks like is okay. You are okay when you decide to walk in a new direction. You are okay when you decide to change your mind. And most of all you are okay when you're not perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Give yourself permission to shine and walk to the beat of your own drum". 

Everyone is an artist, you have to believe in yourself and find what moves you, find what makes you feel alive - some spend a lifetime searching, while others just know. 

For me it has taken time - to develop my skills and to know what I really want. I have many passions and interests - I have taken pictures from the inside out, stretching the UNDERSTANDING of my comfort zone, creating personal breakthroughs with therapeutic and creative projects. these projects develop my skills and push the boundaries of my own creativity!  allowing me to grow as a photographer.


In the words of the magnificent Leonard Cohen,

“The cracks are where the light gets in -

but try to remember they are also where the light finds it way out.

Your light. Soft and slanted and in prisms, too much, too bright, like a laser some days.

Use the light to express yourself.

Let it set the tone, let it beg questions for the audience’s eyes.

Let it direct, find the actor, shift the script. Go to that place where no one wants to go and tell about it.

Be as honest as you can without breaking in two. Then go ahead and break in two. And then in pieces. And let all your broken glass reflect the sun.

Every piece of our broken and taped together selves are a lens. All the parts.

A kaleidoscope of shifting light and eye and experience. Humans like to poke tigers. And tiny cuts on our lips, and scabs, and hurts turned to memory.

It's habit and reminder and DNA. We go back to places that feel something - sharp and warm and piercing. Even if it's pain. Mostly, even.

A photograph is access to feeling. Photographs unleash.

They are past and present and newness, as we go back to feel them again with new eyes and hearts, cut and bled and scabbed over.

What else can do that?

Songs maybe, singular moments that become fluid trails in our heads, the smells of childhood. But these ones we make are ours.  

We man the spotlight.”