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Life isn’t ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

Whether you want to simply improve your personal photography skills or learn skills to improve you images for blogging or social medial content - this is the workshop for you.

2-Day Photography, lighting & Storytelling  Workshop

T BC, 2019 - Sunshine Coast

$550 per person


  • DAY 1

  • DAY 2



In May 2019 I´m very excited to host my Life Inspired Photography workshop - a two day photography lighting and styling and basic editing workshop! This is the perfect workshop to reboot your creativity and fine tune your photography style and skills. 

The workshop will take place at the beautiful Kingdom house, in Tannawa. Where you will have access to a huge selection props, tools and backgrounds which will help you create bright and airy images as well as the dark and moody style. 

In a small intimate group, you´ll get plenty of attention and guidance as we focus on editorial styling and creating beautiful still life images with flowers and food as our main subjects as well as a beautiful model in the evening.

In this hands on workshop you will learn to:

  • Feel confident working with natural light

  • Create a dark & moody style 

  • Create a clean and bright style

  • Mastering composition & camera settings

  • Increase your skills in styling & visual storytelling

  • Create beautiful editorial, fine art photos

  • Styling flatlays + styling with colors

  • Create atmosphere with backgrounds & props

  • Creative & stylish editing in Lightroom

  • A lifestyle social media portfolio to start your business.

INCLUDED: Two day workshop, all materials, Lightroom training, flowers, food, lunch, welcome package, coffee, tea and cake.

NOT INCLUDED: Travel, transportation and accommodations.


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Today: $500

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Module One - Shooting

  • Get your settings right to take quick pictures that are tack sharp (even with active children)

  •  How to deal with crowds on vacation

  •  Learn how to get in the photo yourself instead of always being behind the camera

  • What photos you need to tell the complete story of your vacation

Module Two - Light

  •  How to find the best lighting (no matter what time of day you are out)

  •  Most important settings you should start with when shooting at night

  • Avoid harsh shadows on faces when take pictures during midday (yes, even at the beach)

Module Three - Editing

  •  What steps you need to take when you get home to keep your photos organized (If you skip this step it may take your years to do something with your photos)

  •  Start-to-finish upload, edit, & export your images from Lightroom

  • How to quickly find any photo from any vacation in seconds

Module Four - Printing

  •  What to do with your photos once you are home

  •  How to enjoy your images in every room of your house

  •  Exact companies I use & recommend for high quality prints & photobooks


DAY ONE - Saturday May 4, 2019: 10am to 6pm.

Dark & Moody Style + Styling, Light & Composition

On day one we will talk about the basics of creating an artistic image by understanding the light, the forms, the colors, the textures and the composition. You will learn how to apply these techniques when styling and creating dark and moody images.

Demonstrations and hands on training focusing on:

  • Photographing people, flowers + food in a dark and moody style

  • How to control and play with light to create a mood

  • The basics of camera settings for this style

  • The importance of composition

  • Creating dark and moody fine art

  • Styling & photographing beautiful flatlays

  • How to tell a story with your images

  • Tips on finding your own unique style

  • Tips on using backgrounds, props, texture, color, form and design

We will enjoy a delicious lunch together + afternoon tea/coffee and cake. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.

DAY TWO: Sunday May 5, 2019: 10am to 5pm.

Bright, White & Airy Style + Editing Workflow

On day two we will focus on creating beautiful, bright, white editorial photos with a sunshine coast atmosphere. Via live demonstrations I will show you how to photograph people, flowers and food and create portfolio worthy images.There will be plenty of hands-on training and the opportunity to get personal coaching.

Demonstrations and hands on training focusing on:

  • Creating a bright white romantic style

  • Creating a simplistic and elegant style 

  • How to control light and camera settings for this style

  • Styling for simplicity and elegance

  • The power of composition

  • Nikki’s Lightroom workflow and all her presets

  • Editing in Lightroom session

We will enjoy a delicious lunch together + afternoon tea/coffee and cake. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.

Workshop participants are responsible for travel arrangements.

Accommodation is not included in this workshop. If you need a place to stay I can recommend some local bed and breakfasts.

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This workshop is open to all levels of photographers with a passion for still life, flowers, food, creativity, styling and visual storytelling. Also perfect for bloggers, instagrammers and creative social media users who would like to take their business to the next level.

When: The the workshop runs from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

Where: location TBC

Cancellation Policy: This workshop is non refundable. Please make sure you can make it before reserving your seat.

This workshop does not teach child/family posing techniques