Personal Project Portraits

What is a Soul Portrait?

A soul portrait is an image that reflects or represents your something inside of you.  The person you are, the person you were or the person you will become.  It is a representation of something deep inside of you.  It could be an emotion, a light, a darkness, a sadness, joy, loneliness, fear, beauty,  -  any of the emotions that engulf our human experience every day.  Everything we go through, and experience, from conception until the day we move out of this world is molding you, training you, teaching you to discover yourself to find your own inner voice, to find your reason and purpose for being alive!

Fine Art photography has been an incredible way for people to express themselves of the years. I call them soul portraits, or mindful portraits.  Images that tell a message about a subject! The camera becomes one more tool to create a work of art and to show why and how we feel about a subject at a given time.   It deeply expresses the feelings and vision of the person and clearly reveals that it was created by an artist and not by just the camera. Images are such a powerful tool in our modern world.  We are drawn to certain images and what they represent.  Emotions, light, color all effect how we feel when we see an image or painting.  I myself have gone through deep periods of time when I felt completely alone, and stuck in my head with no way out.  It is at these times that I used my paining or photography to express myself, and it was therefore a form of therapy for me. I struggled with finding a style, because my emotions effected allot of what I photographed.  However I have discovered that I am drown to shades of soft light, delicate like your emotions are.  Dark shadows reflect deep connection and soulfulness, and lightness reflects healing, peace and gentleness.

This idea that creativity, art, photography is therapeutic, has led me to investigate and create Soul Portraits.  Soul Portraits is a photo therapy used to empower the soul, find your center, search inside of yourself and find the beauty within, the love, and the strength that you have inside but cannot see.  Sessions are very mindful, where are savor every moment of where we are.  Its the little things in life that make us happy and content.  Reflecting ourselves and what is inside, that is what I wish to photograph.  We explore light, and how it makes you feel, we explore your body and its strength, you are a vision of perfection, you just have to believe it!  I hope to encourage you to see how beautiful you are inside and out!

Each series I create has a unique vision and personal meaning to me.  It reflects my inner person and what I felt at the time.  These portraits helped me to heal, they came from a deep emotional and personal place inside of me.

"Find out who you are and be that person. That's what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come." Ellen DeGeneres


Renaissance means "rebirth" in French. Its like the soul coming out of the shadows. My affinity for a mother and child comes from personal place. These images reflect a personal internal obsession, about belonging, having a place in this world and being remembered! They are woman and children crowned in glory and are mothers of our existence.




Soul Portraits (coming soon)