Portrait Party ordering guide

In this digital age in which we live, having your images in a digital format is important. Whether for sharing on social media, creating small prints and gifts for friends & family, or just keeping safely for archival purposes, they are a fantastic and worthwhile investment. We believe that ALL of your images deserve a life off a hard drive... on your wall, on a desk, in an album... but we especially believe that these "portraits" are destined for a life of greatness! 

The Portrait Party is perfectly suited for fine art, high impact pieces for any area of your home... think playrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere that could benefit from a fun and modern conversation piece.

We've tailored several prints that are perfect options for displaying and enjoying these images.

Because we feel so strongly that you enjoy your images in a printed format, your digital images are complimentary with a $295 print purchase! 

As always, no purchase is ever required, or you can feel free to select from a la carte print & digital image options that work best for your family.

portrait projectsize

the portrait: wall art

Why decorate your home with generic artwork when you can decorate it with something truly personal and unique! These impactful wall prints are ready to frame, and make for gorgeous conversation pieces. And don't worry... framing is as easy as pie! Both Teds and IKEA offer inexpensive yet quality framing options for large prints. If you'd rather us handle the framing, just let us know! We're happy to provide you with a quote for custom framing to match any decor. 

5x7 Gift prints … $5 or 10 for $25

16x20 ... $45

20x24 ... $120

24x36 ... $150

To Fit A1 Frame Poster Size …$165 (sample on display at host party)

To Fit A2 Frame Poster size…$95 (sample on display at host party)

the Portrait party : storyboards

Storyboards are sleek standout prints, which are mounted on lightweight foam with white edging. Holes are added to the backside making it ready to hang as soon as it arrives... no frame required!. 10x10 and 10x30 storyboards are perfect for a tabletop or small wall, while 20x20 storyboards make for a beautiful piece for any wall in your home.

One child per storyboard.

10x10 (4 images) ... $75

10x30 (4 images) ... $120

20x20 (9 images) ... $155.00

10 x 10 - 4 images

10 x 10 - 4 images

To order storyboards: When in your gallery, select the storyboard option placeholder image and add to cart. Then, click each of the images you'd like to be included in your storyboard and select the star icon (favorite) underneath each image. If you have any preference regarding layout, feel free to leave us a note in the notes section at checkout.

the Portrait project: digital images

While these images are most deserving of being displayed as high impact prints, the benefit of having all of these sweet images to archive and keep forever can't be understated! Digital images are optimized for printing to size 11x14, and (1) digital image includes both the color and black & white versions. If you are looking to create small prints, we recommend using digital images for this option as it is the easiest and most economical way to do so. Click here to view our digital image printing guide.

(1) image ... $30.00

  • To order (1) digital image... click on the image of your choice in your gallery, then "buy photo". Click on the "digital images" tab and add the "(1) digital image" option to your cart. You only need to do this with the color version, as the black & white version will automatically be included in your download.

Top (8) images ... $150.00

  • To order your top (8) digital image... click on an image of your choice in your gallery, then "buy photo". Click on the "digital images" tab and add the "top (8) digital images" option to your cart. Then, do the same for the remaining (8) images. Your total will be automatically adjusted as checkout.

Can't decide? Upgrade to all of the images in your gallery ... (1) session for $150.00 / (2) sessions for $200.00 / (3) sessions for $250.00 (total cost)

  • To order the full set of digital images... click on any image in your gallery, then "buy photo". Click on the "digital images" tab and add the "full set of digital images to your cart". That's it! You do NOT need to repeat this step with every image in your gallery, as all will automatically be included with your download.

All digital images in your gallery complimentary with $295 print purchase!

You will receive an email with a link to download your digital images within 24 business hours after placing your order.

Questions? Please feel free to email us. We're happy to help you select the best options! Print orders will be shipped to you directly from our lab within 3 weeks. Digital image downloads will be emailed to you within (24) business hours of placing your order.