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Photography portraits and education proposal

Hi There!

My name is Nikki Olivier, and I'm a wife, mother and photographer and documentary videographer. I’m a photographer and educator drawn to the beautiful and emotive ways in which we connect with each other and our surroundings. An instrument to tell beautiful life stories, to capture feelings, to share moments, and to connect with other people, places and things in this beautiful world we live in.

I would love the opportunity to work with you and your team, to educate woman and children about the beautiful art of self expression through photography. I have photographed many families with new and growing children as well as editorial lifestyle and Fine art portraits. I am continuously learning and developing my knowledge and skills and feel I would love to share all the knowledge I have with others.

I also have experience with various genres of photography, mainly documentary, lifestyle, family storytelling, fashion and fine art. This gives me a greater perspective and understanding to tackle various photography projects. It also empowers me to see fresh creative opportunities in every shoot that I do and every client I work with.

I like to keep things fun and casual, creative and professional. I take my craft very seriously in order to deliver the best images to my clients every single shoot. I enjoy reading, long walks on the beach, photographing my children and hanging with my family . I also love art, culture, music and a good glass of wine.

Below, please find an overview of my services, my portfolio and vision.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!

You can find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nikki_olivier/

and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nikkiolivierphotography/



I love to make art with the people I meet and the things i love…

Who is my target audience?

Any passionate creative woman, a mother, wife, business owner, wishing to discover all the exciting aspects of capturing beautiful, emotional and artistic photographs of your family, and for self expression or business.  Those who are looking for a sense of purpose in the everyday mundane life.  A way to self express, a way to be creative and for some possibly build or improve their photography career.

You dream of capturing moments, memories and creating art, and you’d love to take your photography to the next level.

  • You are a creative soul, a mother, grandmother, online boutique owner, social influencer, stylist, foodie, jewel artist, florist or similar, and wish to capture beautiful photos to tell your story, for your legacy, blog or Instagram.

  • You wish to attract more customers, followers and clients via beautiful, professional, storytelling images.

  • You dream of becoming known for your craft, getting published, or even begin a photography career. Photos are powerful visual communication and can help you grow your career in tremendous ways!

What can I offer?

Feeling comfortable with your camera and equipment takes time, patience and allot of practice. We are here to encourage you on you amazing journey of self expression and feeling confidante with you camera. I have created amazing workshops and vlogs to help you on your own creative journey.

For those who Prefer Learning In Person - we Offer Creative, Fun, Workshops On The Sunshine Coast! Join Our Community Today!

  1.  I would like to vlog from Teds once a month with new topic - that is either educational or community based. This brings Teds to the forefront of the community and education.

  2. I have and am in the process of developing new workshops - for photographers

  3. And, I’d like to offer child portraits through the portrait project hosted at Teds venue. this is a community service and support of charities in the area.

Courses I currently offer

In person workshop


The art of shooting manually

This full day introduction class (with a tea break and practical), is the perfect place to start with you new DSLR camera. We will cover how to achieve proper exposure in different settings, composition, and lighting.

See details here

Courses currently in development

Note: I have access to stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists and models especially for Fine Art portraits.  Children and families are easier to find for teaching.

In person workshop

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Online Course

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This Photography Course Will Help You Increase Your Skills In Photography Lighting Styling, Visual Storytelling And Editing. You’ll Learn Exactly How To Develop Your Personal Style, Edit Beautiful Photos And Grow Your Creativity In Photography.


Online Photography Course

Focusing on Creativity, Styling & Editing Beautiful Pictures


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Contemporary portraits for children making a difference for others!

Supporting local charities - Jeans for Genes day, Daffodil Day, and others…

The Portrait Project is a photo session that gives back.

What Are Portrait Project Sessions?

Your child, as art. Stripped down & back to basics. Simple & modern. Editorial. Emphasis on detail and what makes your child unique. Personality, not posed. Clean, not cluttered. Our simple, naturally lit white backdrop allows you to tailor your session to your child and with your end product in mind. Go with a neutral wardrobe or fun bright colors…. keep it simple or add in accessories or some of your child’s favorite things (think a prized lovey, an instrument, a soccer ball).

My portrait project was created as a way to capture children in their most natural and fleeting state, all while supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts -

Who Are They For?

Portrait Project sessions are perfect for all ages, from babies with burgeoning personalities and chubby details, to teenagers on the brink of adulthood. Babies must be sitting independently or able to push up on their arms while on their belly. Up to 2 siblings may share one time slot & split the images, though we highly recommend only doing this option if your kiddos are quick to warm up, sibling shot is always welcome!

When & Where?

Portrait Project sessions are hosted at Teds camera house venues in and around Australia. These sessions can be in high demand and fill very quickly, so be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the next date opens!

What Is The Cost?

$130 is due at the time of booking to reserve your session. $30 is applied as a donation to the charity or organisation of choice and $100 is applied in full as a deposit toward your order. Portraits Projects are perfectly suited for colourful, creative, high impact pieces for any area of your home... think playrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere that could benefit from a fun and modern conversation piece. We offer a variety of products such as digital images, wall portraits, and storyboards… click here for complete pricing.



 Thanks, and I hope and look forward to working with you in the future.

-Nikki Olivier