letting go| NOVEMBER 2016

There's something extraordinary that happens the you know there are no boundaries, no limits, no expectations - just you, your camera, your subject and your creativity,  We are taught so many rules about what is right and what is wrong.  Creativity is personal, there is no right of wrong....It comes from an inner place.  I have always wanted to portray my children in an artistic manor, we walked here every day, it is a causeway behind my house, with a drain - its really ugly...but when you open you mind and let go of the fear - any location can be beautiful, just use your eyes to see past the ordinary.   I want my children to feel free - to do anything, not to worry what people say or think - its your life, your vision, your mind.  This has personally taken me years to discover and learn, I was afraid of people, their words, their opinions, images I have never shared - I feel brave enough to share now.  This was my first step to letting go and freeing myself to do and be whatever I want to at the time.