The first step to shooting creatively and expressing yourself visually is to know how to use your camera.  You need to be able to control the settings and implement your own vision withing what you see.  Join a workshop or arrange a mentoring session with me to get you started.

Capturing life through a lens!

When I first got my DSLR camera, nearly 6 years ago, as a Christmas present, I was terrified to touch it, certainly not take it out of auto!!! As I researched and began to understand the advantages of manual mode, I got braver and began experimenting with my camera using simple house hold objects and sometimes my children.  And even then it was a constant quest to understand this camera, all it could do, and it took me about a year and a half before I began to feel like I had a handle on it. Through trial and error, understanding lighting and composition I was slowly able to shoot only in manual mode, the creative power I had far out weighed anything auto could do for me!  I have found a beautiful tool of self expression!

This is why I wanted to start this "Life through a lens" class. You see, what took me years of experimentation and learning could actually be simplified over a few hours.  Of course you have to practice this new skill, but with the basic tool at your disposal and reference points it will make the journey allot easier!

Life through a lens, is a 4-5 hour class (with lunch break and practical). We will cover how to achieve proper exposure in different settings, composition, lighting and just a little bit of light editing. It sounds like A LOT. You are probably wondering how are you going to be able to keep up, and better yet, retain all of this information. Well there are a few ways. One, my easy-going approach to teaching has helped people relax in my classes, it is a safe comfortable environment where you can ask questions without judgement. Two, I will be opening a secret Facebook group where only attendees can join, share images, ask questions and get all around great support! :) And thirdly is- I have designed a beautiful workbook that gives you ideas and examples of settings, lighting and composition and much more!!  This workbook is only available to those who attend the workshop!!  I will always be in the group answering questions, so you will have on-going support in learning how to capture your littles how you have always wanted to!



This class is not for photographers, so the focus will be on helping woman (or anyone really) get the images they need for their personal success.

I think the most important thing you will get out of this class is the community full of positive, helpful and kind people. Class sizes are small and personal, with a limit of 8 people per class.

I am so excited that I get to work with such a wonderful, socially conscious local business to bring you not only a beautiful space to learn in, but also a delicious lunch, all included in your registration price!

 *If you have dietary needs, please make sure you let me know!


10-10:30 am - introductions and settling in
10:30 - 12pm - The Exposure Triangle, what it means, how to use it in different lighting situations
12 - 12:30pm - Lunch
12:30 - 1pm - Lighting & Composition
2 - 2:30pm - how to lightly edit your photos (super easy stuff!)
2:30 - 3pm - Any additional questions not answered throughout the day will be answered in this Q&A portion. 
After the class, you will be added to the Facebook group and we will continue our learning and growing together there! 


Date: TBS
Time: 10am - 2/3pm
Location: TBC
Price: $195
*plus tax

$100 will be due at registration to hold your spot, 
as a non-refundable retainer,
and the remaining balance will be due the week before your class date. 


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