Growth and healing through personal photography projects.

“Every photograph has a piece of our spirit, a piece of our story, and together they can show us who we are.”

During my photography journey I have to take on personal projects as a way to visually represent personal struggles, or emotions I have felt.  I feel that there is a tremendous healing that comes from capturing things that we are either emotionally attached to, or to face things that are sometimes don't want to face.  Photography has then incredible ability to visually represent how we feel inside, by the use of lighting, clothing, editing etc.  I have various stories to share, both personal and others who have gone through deep trauma and have used photography as a tool to overcome mental blocks or emotional blockages.

Photography can be a form of mindfulness (or present state awareness), similar to meditation, which is proven to help people suffering from depression and anxiety. Often when you're taking photos, you can find yourself in "flow", which brings many health benefits similar to meditation like calming the mind and providing relief from stress. It helps you to focus externally — rather than getting caught up in the thoughts racing through your mind. The same came happen during the editing or review process of looking through your images, you can find yourself “there” again in that space or that moment.

“Your camera can become a gateway to the unconscious mind, your photos a way to let your true voice through.”

I will be sharing more when the time is right.