Everyone is an artist, you have to believe in yourself and find what moves you, find what makes you feel alive - some spend a lifetime searching, while others just know.  For me it has taken time - to develop my skills and to know what I really want.

I want to teach the art of letting go and just enjoying the moment, loving your life no matter your circumstance.  Life is beautiful, it is full of ups and downs, love and laughter, sorrow and  joy.  I love how photographing in different styles creates different emotions, creative editing techniques that add strength, beauty and emotion to my images.  I love experimenting with light and searching for beauty and life through it.  Break the rules, find something new, stretch your boundaries and do whats in your heart!

Where I create - there I am free

I created the White Square as a community where we can freely create whatever our hearts desire, a place to teach and learn to inspire and be inspired.  It could be a painting, a drawing, an photograph - anything -you create, is a representation of yourself and who you are.

I want to teach others to fill their white square with their own vision...I can help you do that.....If you are afraid to do this on your own - join our amazing community and together we create whatever we dream of.

The first step is to believe in yourself.  This is the hardest step of them all, finding self worth in what you do, understanding the value of your gifts and what you offer the world.  

I work on various personal projects - projects that feed my soul. Some are ongoing and some just for fun, this is my personal outlet for my creative style - and I love it!  Sometimes it is full of symbolism, other times it is simply to free my soul.  I hope to bring joy and life in all share and teach. My purpose is to love and show love in the amazing journey of life...The gift to capture images and make memories so that future generations can look and remember and feel that life is beautiful, love, happiness, sorrow, kindness and magical.  What does your road look like?  Do you walk it alone? or do you walk with others who can share your load?  I would love nothing more than to share the road with you.


Everything I have learnt, everything I do, is dedicated to my 2 children.  Since the day I purchased my fist camera in 2011 - I have been on the most incredible life journey - and I have beautiful moments preserved forever - this is my legacy, this is my art, this is what I was born to do.  

I would love to meet you....so please feel free to contact me even if its just to chat!