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ou will learn how to meter in-camera and control your exposure and white balance while making informed decisions about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in order to achieve your vision in-camera. We’ll spend time examining common exposure pitfalls and learning how to correct them in camera. We’ll also engage in a variety of creative assignments which will give you the confidence you need to capture consistent and beautiful images in any kind of situation!


All students need a camera that has a manual mode and will allow you to adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.


Lesson Plan


  • understanding the exposure triangle

  • using your camera’s meter

  • evaluating the histogram

  • mastering aperture

  • understanding and using the concept of stops

  • mastering shutter speed

  • other factors affecting motion

  • choosing a shutter speed to incorporate or avoid motion

  • ISO and noise considerations

  • dynamic range and the importance of a good exposure

  • which adjustment to make

  • “correct” exposure

  • white balance


proper exposure at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions - sharing your images on a private facebook group - where we all can learn together and help one another.