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This is important work. Because this, dear friends, is your life. Realized, represented, painted with light and love. This is your chance to show special humans how you feel about them.



Mastering photography is a wonderful way to represent yourself to the world.  It is a glorious way to show who you are in a creative and and visual way.  But it is not as easy as they make it out to be.  I takes a lot of practice and dedication.

I am hear to support you and share the tools that will make this process easier,


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Fine Art Portraits



I´m super excited to announce my brand new portrait workshop!

This is your time to be creative, playful, nurture your imagination and encourage creative growth.

The workshop will enable you to take beautiful portraits of women and children  with a limited amount of area, using only available light and studio light. These are portraits you can set up anywhere - without needing a professional studio. You will also get a good understanding of light conditions and their effect on your portraits as well as the kind of moods different light conditions can create. 

Over the two days, we will work with models and professional stylists to explore and capture timeless + creative fine art portraits of women and children. You will learn how to create, shoot and edit beautiful photos and we will discuss the use of natural light and studio light, camera settings, scene/backdrop selection, styled storytelling creation and finding your personal style.

I will walk you through my entire process from planning to executing ideas. I´ll show you how I select clothes, hair and make-up. How to set up the scene, how to mindfully communicate and make your subject feel comfortable during the shoot.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan and execute a styled shoot

  • How to set up the scene, mood and story

  • How to make use of available light and studio lighting

  • How to mindfully pose and communicate with your subject

  • What kind of gear is helpful and how to use it

  • Technical aspects such as camera settings

  • How to handle difficult light conditions

  • How to achieve a certain mood (bright or dark)

  • Image composition and the effect it has


A workshop to photograph everyday moments with those you love.





Life isn’t ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

Whether you want to improve your skills at photographing your own family or that of your client’s, CAPTURE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY: Photographing life as art.

Photographer and Artist Nikki Olivier reveals her techniques for Creative Fine art portraits and emotional storytelling, crafting personal themes and intent, exploring vision, creating mood + drama, working with natural + artificial light, seeing art in the everyday, shooting amid clutter, and making the best studio within the family home.

You will learn how to:

  • The right gear for the job

  • How to shoot to tell a story or create a portrait.

  • Looking Deeper - Understanding your personal style and vision

  • How to make use of available light

  • How to mindfully communicate with your subject and not to break the mood

  • Technical aspects such as camera settings

  • How to handle difficult light conditions

  • How to achieve a certain moods (light and airy or dark, and dramatic)

  • Image composition and the effect it has on the story

  • simple clean editing

Make a record, in all the ways you can.









Life through a lens, is a 4-5 hour class (with lunch break and practical). We will cover how to achieve proper exposure in different settings, composition, lighting and just a little bit of light editing. It sounds like A LOT. You are probably wondering how are you going to be able to keep up, and better yet, retain all of this information. Well there are a few ways. One, my easy-going approach to teaching has helped people relax in my classes, it is a safe comfortable environment where you can ask questions without judgement. Two, I will be opening a secret Facebook group where only attendees can join, share images, ask questions and get all around great support! :) And thirdly is- I have designed a beautiful workbook that gives you ideas and examples of settings, lighting and composition and much more!!  This workbook is only available to those who attend the workshop!!  I will always be in the group answering questions, so you will have on-going support in learning how to capture your little how you have always wanted to!


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