“She is soothing music, but an unwritten script. A silent movie, but visually, cinematic elegance. Infatuated lyrics thirst to compose onto tones of her curves. Her tongue is a sensual dance, a serenade of sensitive sensations. Her lips a path to pristine passion, her eyes a gateway to heaven. But she is grandeur of purity, a distinction of innocence. Fate must learn patience, in the pursuit of desire.”


Model Olivia: https://www.instagram.com/oliviagrace_hunt/

Location and flowers: https://www.instagram.com/suncoastflowers/

Red Dress: https://www.instagram.com/judycopleycouture/

Lilic dress: https://www.alicemccall.com.au/

Hair and Makeup: https://www.instagram.com/sireenacreativeartistry/

Being influenced by talented and beautiful people brings me such joy, because it allows me to express an emotion visually. To be able to create something memorable and artistic, something tangible something unique for that individual is truly the greatest honor. Photographs capture memories, yes they do, but they are able to do so much more than that. As an artist photographs allow you to create, as a storyteller, they bring emotion and vision. Photography is a beautiful artistic tool both for the photographer and the individual being photographed. Our young talented girls and boys work so hard at their chosen fields, be it dancers, musicians, artists, poets, songwriters - and many others, I love to show off their talent in my own creative and artistic style, and bring them something unique and personal for them and their families to enjoy.

I got to photograph the very beautiful (Olivia) Liv…..a talented local dancer and model. The brief was to simply “create” with her. My vision board and inspiration came from ballet brides. Pinterest is full of incredible inspiration. I had the perfect location (my friends flower shop) in mind and the perfect outfit (a $40 thrift store ballet costume) and some designer gowns. I was able to create a piece of beautiful artwork, raw and simple but beautiful and elegant at the same time. The red dress was photographed purely in natural light, with a silver reflector. The Alice Macall Dress was photographed with one studio light and softbox.

Today I share some of that shoot with you. I’d love you to leave a comment for me.

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As a professional Photographer, Nikki Olivier Portraiture is a luxury Fine Art photographer for woman and children in the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland area, including Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Marcoola, Coolum, Sunshine Beach, Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach. Hinterland and inland locations include Gympie, Eumundi, Yandina, Nambour, Mapleton, Montville and Melany.

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