Santa Mini Sessions

This will be my 5th year holding Santa Mini Sessions for my clients and it is one of my favorite session days of the year! 

Watching the little ones (and big ones) come in excited to see him, holding their letters for him, reading stories with him is such a joyful experience. Even the little ones who come in and cry make me smile. That sounds strange but I only let them cry for a hot second and then they go right back to mom for comfort! The images are adorable.

To get the most out of your session and the experieice,  here are a few tips to help prepare your families and your little ones!

Getting ready

  • Try to have your littles in bed the night before at the normal bedtime. A lack of sleep before a photo shoot will definitely impact their attitudes and emotions.
  • Read some fun holiday books talking about Santa.
  • Prepare the kids, especially the toddlers and preschoolers. Tell them who you are going to visit. If at all possible, walk by Santa’s workshop a few days prior without any intention of having your pictures taken, just so your little one knows what to expect.
  • If it’s age-appropriate, let them help decide what they are going to wear for their Santa Mini Session.
  • Dress the kids in coordinating yet comfortable clothes. I advise families to choose a colour palette to complement the scene. With sessions being held mostly indoors now, my scene and setup is almost always neutral soft pastel tones to compliment the man himself santa!!! Neutral colour clothing works well.
  • Write out their letter or list to Santa and bring it with you. It’ll be exciting for them to be able to give it to them.
  • If you have little ones who are teething, give them something to alleviate the pain. Teething definitely affects their emotions and how well they handle the session.
  • Come in ready to have fun. Your children will pick up on everything that you feel and will mirror those feelings. If you are related then there’s a great possibility that they will be, too.
  • Lower your expectations. Santa pictures will not always be perfect Kodak moments. They will, however capture your child’s personality and developmental stage perfectly. The outgoing ones will tell Santa everything on their list, while the more reserved kids may have a nuclear meltdown. Years from now, you will look back on the pictures and remember the day perfectly, as it is branded in your memory – every tear and every smile. You will cherish the memory and probably even laugh at the perfectly imperfect pictures.

Santa Mini Sessions are a personal experience for your family.  Skip the mall lines, the germs, and come visit Santa in a peaceful environment with 5 high resolution jpegs delivered in an online gallery! Let your little ones tell Santa all about their Christmas lists, read a book with Santa, have a dance even milk and cookies. Come a few minutes early and enjoy holiday crafts while you wait.