The First Step is to understand your camera! know its capabilites and functinality, and how to care for it, You learn basic terms and camera practices, and navigation with your new camera.

You can Join A Workshop Or Arrange A Mentoring Session With Me to imrpove your skills at any time!

Beginners Workshop - 1st Thursday of every month


Book a 1:1 timeslot in the week for only $50!

To book call Garricks Camera House on Phone(07) 5415 0909


You need to have a new camera! Thats it!

When I first got my DSLR camera, 10 years ago, as a Christmas present, I was terrified to touch it. I had not idea where to begin, what lenses did what not how to navigate the menu and care for my camera! It was a long journey descovering some very bacis things like, what apature, shutter speed and iso do and how they effect my images.

 This class is not for photographers.


  • understanding the exposure triangle
  • lenses and focal lengths
  • filters and why we use them
  • Difference between deleting files and formatting
  • Memory cards
  • File transfer
  • Camera care
  • and more


Go out and practise shooting every day!!!! and join another workshop!!!


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Hi, I'm Nikki - your friend, mentor and educator

Lifestyle Storyteller

Fine Art Photographer

My mission and goal are to encourage creative women to SHINE, and confidently capture images they love and appreciate, and can't wait to share. Build self-confidence and love themselves. Through my beginner to advanced training programs and one-on-one mentoring, I offer a safe space to learn, be creative and fall in love with your work.